Upcoming Mission

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Yes I’m bored. 2 more papers to go, yeah!

This is a not-so-well-drawn teaser of an upcoming mission.


Apparently the operation will be handled by 2 teams, Alpha and Bravo. But what is the mission objective? What do the crosses represent? Check back after the 20th for more information!


The Black Recon: Mission Failed?

•September 22, 2008 • 1 Comment

Operator Osiris teamed up with Da Vinci to spray paint their Recons today. The base coat was Nippon Black Knight paint which would be useful for future camo paintjobs. However the coating on the muzzle and butt stock was a bit too thick as despite taking precautions by taping the end of the gun where the stock would be attached to the pistol, it is still a pain to remove the butt stock once attached. Furthermore a splat of paint on Osiris’s pistol’s muzzle caused the barrel to be stuck when attached.

CS-6 Recon repainted black with parts difficult to remove.

CS-6 Recon repainted black with parts difficult to remove.

This means that the gun would most likely be in rifle mode permanently and would be impossible to repaint or mod. Furthermore, with the barrel extension attached, the Recon’s distance is greatly reduced although its accuracy does improve at short range.

Today’s lesson for all Nerf troops – if you’re planning to paint your Recon, do remember to tape up the muzzle, end of the gun and the inside of both the butt stock and the barrel.

If you’re looking to have your Nerf gun repainted but don’t have the time, we are glad to help. Tell us your desired paint scheme and we will do our best to produce it. This will come at a reasonable fee, inclusive of spray paint purchases and labour costs. If you do not own a Nerf gun, we can also help you get one. Drop us an email at rottersint at gmail.com and if you don’t receive a reply within 3 days, then SMS to 90708550.

Recon CS-6 Is Here!

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I bring good news to you, soldier. The Nerf Recon CS-6 rifle is finally here in Singapore, so that’s one less gun you would have to import from the States.

The Recon CS-6 is actually a pistol with a stock and barrel extension to make it look like a rifle. It also comes with a flip-up sight which is totally useless and a red light for night missions. Both attachments can be fitted onto the Recon using the rails on the gun.

Streamline darts are the only darts that can be used with the Recon as all other darts will be jammed in the rifle’s breech. However these darts do not fly straight as the head of the dart is too light, and the hole on the head only makes accuracy worse. Even the Nerf Maverick fires much better. Hence the Raffles Nerf Team will be modifying the streamline dart, and the rifle, to increase the rifle’s range and accuracy. Stay tuned to see our modifications.

Below are some pictures of operator Osiris’s stock Recon, to be re-painted soon.

The parts included in the package.

The parts included in the package.

CS-6 Recon in submachine gun mode.

CS-6 Recon in submachine gun mode.

Recon in full rifle mode with attachments.

Recon in full rifle mode with attachments.

Zombie Night!!! ( Sat 28 Jun 08 )

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Do you have a fear of the undead? Do sadistic moaning and bloody mouths give you the creeps? Something bad will happen in school on the 27th 28th June, and you have to stop the damage from spreading before it is too late! This is the time for you to fight that fear of zombies!

Zombie Night!!! is an experimental game to test the Humans vs Zombies concept. Your participation is important as your feedback will serve to improve the concept for future official matches. The two modes to be tested are:

1. Redfield in Trouble:

Based on the protagonist from the Resident Evil video game series, the sole human player will take on the role of Chris Redfield who has to investigate a series of strange happenings in a school compound.

2. Double Trouble:

2 human players will team up to either complete the Redfield story mode or a standalone survivor game.

Indicate your attendance for this game on the Facebook Event page here. Currently we have sent out invitations and are awaiting replies but we welcome anyone who wishes to be part of this event! ( Open to RJ students only. )

UPDATE 25TH JUNE: Since I’m foaming over History and Bio ( what kind of combination is that for an exam day? ) I shall take time out to write down some of the game concepts.

Redfield in Trouble is supposed to be somewhat similar to a video game’s solo campaign mode. The player will have to search the play area for clues to what exactly went wrong in the school compound which caused the viral outbreak [ yes a virus caused the zombie mutation ( include Bio concepts here ) ]. The original plan was to utilise several classrooms in Blk A and B to hide clues ( as well as a few zombies ) to give an authentic horror feel, however it seems that most of the classrooms have been locked during this exam period, thus we would either 1) have to bring the concept to much bigger area ie canteen to the sports areas or 2) scrap this idea totally ( we will have confirmation on this by Friday ).

Which brings us to the second point about the game’s location. A discussion with my co-moderator has brought up the issue of linearity. We agreed that Blk A and B might be a bit linear for repeated matches since it is just a corridor-roundabout ( but it is still a great location ) so we might move the game to the sports area after one or two rounds at the original location. Which levels to use for Blk A and B? We have not finalized yet, but I’m thinking of levels 1 and 2 for now.

Hang on, this isn’t where I parked my car..

The planned survivor mode is basically a modified tag game: Humans take down zombies with Nerf guns while the nasty flesh-eating creatures can turn a human into one of their own by either tagging him with two hands or with a weapon ( most probably a rolled-up newspaper ). Here are some simple rules:

1. Zombies will be given a 10-minute head-start to coordinate their attack and hide.

2. Human(s) will be allowed to enter the play area after 10 minutes and the game commences. Besides a Nerf gun, a torchlight will be provided to the players to increase visibility.

3. Humans can take down a zombie with just one shot to any part of the body ( headshots not allowed ). When hit, the zombie must sit down at the place where he was shot for a spawning time of 2 minutes. Use a handphone or watch to time and be honest!

4. Zombies are not limited by mobility as compared to the typical zombie, ie they can run and charge towards humans ala 28 Days Later and I Am Legend.

5. Humans are allowed to pick up their bullets and reload their guns, just try not to lose them.

6. Zombies are allowed to dodge bullets or use their weapon to block shots, but they are not allowed to catch the darts. They are also not allowed to prevent the humans from retrieving their darts in any unsportsmanlike way.

7. The time limit has not been finalised yet, but the game ends when all human players have been eliminated within the time allocated or the humans have survived the round.

You should have just given them the cheeseburger, hun..

In the Co-Op mode, if a human player has been tagged, he is given 5 minutes before he turns into a zombie and hunts down his team-mate ( player has to time himself ), unlike in single-player when the human automatically turns into a zombie when tagged. For the unbitten player, he may opt to continue the game with his mutating team-mate if he thinks that teamwork is still crucial. If not he has the option to kill off his partner and thus has one less zombie to take care off. Similarly, he has 5 mins to decide before his partner mutates. He will only be alerted by the 5-min alarm from his partner’s phone or watch, and once the alarm sounds the partner is immediately a zombie.


More information will be posted here and on Facebook so do check back! If you have joined our Facebook Group you could be receiving email updates as well, which would be more convenient.

Alright back to unproductive late-night mugging for CT2 ):


Yeah that’s right, go and mug before I make you do so!

A Little Bit of Humour

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Here’s a little something to tie one across the interminable wait that comes before a Nerf shootfest. Enjoy.

The Nerf ROE as told by the boys at Penny Arcade.

And now, presenting to you the ultimate in Nerf weapon technology, designed for children to shoot low-flying aircraft…or the school principal’s car.


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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the official blog of Raffles Nerf, a newly-created unofficial war games SIG for RJC students. Do check the pages above to learn more about Nerf before you sign up for our games, and check this blog often to see game debriefs, photos and upcoming battles!

See ya!