The Black Recon: Mission Failed?

Operator Osiris teamed up with Da Vinci to spray paint their Recons today. The base coat was Nippon Black Knight paint which would be useful for future camo paintjobs. However the coating on the muzzle and butt stock was a bit too thick as despite taking precautions by taping the end of the gun where the stock would be attached to the pistol, it is still a pain to remove the butt stock once attached. Furthermore a splat of paint on Osiris’s pistol’s muzzle caused the barrel to be stuck when attached.

CS-6 Recon repainted black with parts difficult to remove.

CS-6 Recon repainted black with parts difficult to remove.

This means that the gun would most likely be in rifle mode permanently and would be impossible to repaint or mod. Furthermore, with the barrel extension attached, the Recon’s distance is greatly reduced although its accuracy does improve at short range.

Today’s lesson for all Nerf troops – if you’re planning to paint your Recon, do remember to tape up the muzzle, end of the gun and the inside of both the butt stock and the barrel.

If you’re looking to have your Nerf gun repainted but don’t have the time, we are glad to help. Tell us your desired paint scheme and we will do our best to produce it. This will come at a reasonable fee, inclusive of spray paint purchases and labour costs. If you do not own a Nerf gun, we can also help you get one. Drop us an email at rottersint at and if you don’t receive a reply within 3 days, then SMS to 90708550.


~ by rottersint on September 22, 2008.

One Response to “The Black Recon: Mission Failed?”

  1. 2 words “vinyl Dye”. no buildup, it dyes the plastic.

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