Want to be caught in the thick of action of a gunfight, but just cannot afford the ridiculous pricing of local paintball and LaserTag vendors? Look no further.

Are you (FOAM)ing? Think all those CTs and homework are causing you to foam and die? What about ‘death by foam‘?

Raffles Nerf is an unofficial war games special interest group ( SIG ) which utilises Nerf guns ( see the Nerf page to learn more ), perfectly safe yet fun to play with. Most missions will be conducted in the RJC / RI compound for convenience, and also because we do not want to create a public nuisance. But outdoor missions are currently in the works and will be posted on the blog when they’re finalised. While Raffles Nerf currently sets the game modes, we are also available for hire to host private sessions with custom modes, though this service may come with a fee.

Currently all matches will be free of charge as we’re undergoing a testing phase of the SIG.

Do be careful when playing Nerf games. The game host will conduct a briefing before every match to make sure all players are aware of the rules and also potential dangers involved if they are not heeded. Some matches will be played in the dark with minimal lighting, so it is important for players to have a high regard for safety. We will not hesitate to remove and also ban players who do not respect the rules and also other players.

Raffles Nerf is also available for hire to paint your Nerf guns, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Tell us your desired paint scheme and we will do our best to produce it. This service comes at a reasonable fee inclusive of spray paint purchases and labour costs.

You can email Raffles Nerf at rottersint at gmail.com for more information and booking enquiries.

Don’t get on our nerves, ’cause you’ll feel the sting!


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