What is Nerf?

Nerf is a line of Hasbro toys designed for indoor play – they’re either made of or shoot foam-like material. Raffles Nerf will be using the Nerf Maverick as its official weapon for upcoming games.

The Maverick is one of the guns in the Nerf N-Strike line-up. It is a six-shooter that fires foam darts one by one with each pull-back, the same way a shotgun works. Its accuracy is compromised if fired at long range, thus making it effective only for close-quarter-combat.

nerf maverick

The Maverick is being sold at Toys R Us for $19.90.nerf recon cs-6

The CS-6 Recon is the newest addition to Singapore’s Nerf lineup. It is essentially a pistol with many modification options to make it one menacing looking weapon. It is sold at $39.90 at major toy department stores like Takashimaya, OG but NOT Toys R Us as of yet.

The only other 2 N-Strike guns sold in Singapore are the Nite Finder EX-3 and Secret Strike As-1, which really suck when compared to the Maverick. Raffles Nerf is looking for willing parties to bring in the Longshot rifle and the latest Nerf weapon, the Vulcan which is a belt-fed squad automatic weapon, from the U.S so drop us an email if you can help us.

nerf longshot cs-6


4 Responses to “What is Nerf?”

  1. oi u guys should make a sniper one that would be cool

  2. The longshot IS the sniper.

  3. Longshots are now available in metro, takashimaya, isetan and og

  4. RJC will be my future school and I happen to like nerf. But has nerf in rjc slowed down to naught?

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